85425ea0 The models using unleaded gasoline


On the models made till February, 1985, adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition is not required if the engine uses unleaded gasoline.


All models made since February, 1985 can use unleaded gasoline, but at the same time it is necessary to reduce an ignition advancing corner on 3 °, so that it made 7 ° to VMT.

1. On a pulley of a bent shaft there is only one adjusting tag (10 ° to VMT) so it is necessary to make additional tags precisely to reduce an ignition advancing corner.
2. Install the piston of the first cylinder in the top dead point in a compression step. It can be checked, having closed a hand finger an opening for candles of the first cylinder and turning a bent shaft of the engine before emergence of notable pressure upon a finger. Exact installation of the piston in VMT can be defined, using the steel core or a knitting spoke inserted through an opening for a spark plug of the first cylinder.
3. In this situation apply a tag on a pulley of a bent shaft opposite to the index.
4. The initial tag on a pulley specifies 10 ° to VMT, and the new tag specifies VMT. Using these two tags, put on a pulley the third tag corresponding 7 ° to VMT.
5. Using a new adjusting tag, adjust an ignition advancing corner. In the presence of a detonation in cylinders of the engine it is necessary to reduce an ignition advancing corner even more.