8.1.1. Technical characteristic

The ignition distributor with the contact breaker
Operating procedure of cylinders
1–3–4–2 (Number 1 from a pulley of a bent shaft)

Ignition distributor

Direction of rotation of a rotor
Counterclockwise (if to take a detached view covers)
Gap between contacts of the breaker
0,4 mm
Corner of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker
47 – 53 °
Eazhiganiye advancing corner (see also subsection
10 ° to VMT (at the same time the tag of a pulley of a bent shaft and an edge of a cover have to be combined)

Ignition coil

Resistance of primary winding (approximately)
1,2 – 1,6 Ohms
Resistance of a secondary winding (approximately)
7 kOhm

Tightening moments

Spark plugs
40 Nanometer