1.27.2. Preparation of the car for the movement

Before departure from a garage or from the parking lot check technical condition of the car. 8–10 minutes spent for it can offset all losses of time for elimination of malfunctions in way and will increase your safety.

1. Check and bring to norm air pressure in tires. Pressure difference in tires on only 0,2-0,3 kgfs/cm2 worsens controllability of the car, and when braking can lead to its drift.
2. Check oil level in a case of the engine and if necessary bring it to norm.
3. Check levels of the cooling, brake and washing liquids and if necessary bring them to norm. Tanks with these liquids are made of translucent plastic that allows to conduct visual control of level.
4. Check serviceability of signaling devices and lamps of external light devices.
5. Check work of screen wipers and washers of glasses, the parking brake.
6. Examine the parking lot of the car. Existence of traces of oils and operational liquids under the car testifies to leakage of its knots and units. In this case it is necessary to reveal and remove the cause of their emergence.
7. At the movement from the parking check serviceability of working brakes.