1.25.2. Antisliding chains

Antisliding chains (as well at the four-wheel drive) are allowed to be put on only driving wheels (the forward bridge). Apply the melkozvenny chains checked and recommended by Opel which thickness on the running surface and the internal surface of tires together with the lock of a chain makes at most 15 mm.

Big caps of wheels depending on their execution can adjoin to chain links. Caps should be taken off.

Chains of antisliding are allowed to be used only at a speed up to 50 km/h and on snowless sites only for a short time as on a hard coating they quickly wear out and can become torn.

On a spare wheel it is forbidden to apply antisliding chains. At a puncture of a forward wheel and need to use antisliding chains the spare wheel should be put on a back axis, and to put one of back wheels on a forward axis.