1.25.1. Condition of tires and disks

Arrival on sharp borders can lead to the hidden damages of tires and disks which prove only later, there is a danger of a rupture of tires.

Borders to a perezzhayta at a small speed and whenever possible at an angle.

Regularly check tires for absence of damage (the got stuck foreign matters, punctures, cuts, cracks, dents on sidewalls). The damaged tires can burst. Check integrity of disks. At detection of damages or unusual wear address in the specialized workshop Opel.

Regularly control profile depth. If wear in front exceeds wear behind, trade places back and forward wheels. Wheels with the best profile have to stand ahead.

Several indexes of wear are from each other applied on a profile of a running gear at identical distance. Their situation is shown also by marking on the side surface of tires.

For safety reasons with a depth of profile from 2 to 3 mm of the tire it is the best of all to replace. Minimum admissible the profile (1,6 mm) is reached by rules when the profile wears out to a certain index of wear.