6.2.6. Removal of pressure in fuel system


At removal of pressure in fuel system pressure in fuel system just decreases, but fuel still remains in elements of fuel system.

The fuel system of the car consists of the fuel tank installed in a back part of the car, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel nozzles and the regulator of pressure of fuel in the throttle case. Elements of fuel system connect to use of metal pipes and flexible hoses. In fuel system there is a fuel under pressure at the working engine or at inclusion of ignition.

The fuel system is under pressure a long time even after switching off of the engine and therefore before carrying out any works on fuel system or a rassoyedineniye of elements of fuel system it is necessary to take off pressure.

1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Install the corresponding container under a junction of elements of fuel system. Prepare rags for collecting the spilled fuel.
3. Being careful, slowly weaken connection of fuel-supply lines or a connecting nut in order that pressure drop in fuel system happened smoothly. After removal of pressure in fuel system disunite fuel-supply lines and close the ends of fuel-supply lines suitable traffic jams.