85425ea0 Forward sealing ring of the camshaft


At installation of a sealing ring of the camshaft it is necessary to use a new gear belt.

1. The forward sealing ring of the camshaft can be replaced on the engine installed in the car.
2. Take off a gear belt and the corresponding pulley of the camshaft.
3. Drill two small openings located in the opposite ends of consolidation in a sealing ring. Screw in two self-cutting screws in the drilled openings of a sealing ring and, using flat-nose pliers, extend a sealing ring for heads of screws.
4. Clear a nest of a sealing ring.
5. Turn the camshaft in such situation that the adjusting pin was in the top situation, then grease working edges of a new sealing ring with engine oil and establish a sealing ring.
6. For installation of a sealing ring use a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter and a big washer and, screwing a bolt of fastening of a pulley of the camshaft, press a sealing ring into a nest.
7. If necessary similarly replace a sealing ring of the second camshaft.
8. Establish pulleys of camshafts and a gear belt. Adjust a tension of a gear belt.