85425ea0 Check of dribbles of liquids

1. Examine all demountable connections of the engine, check existence of traces of a leak of oil or cooling liquid from under laying and epiploons. Special attention should be paid to places about laying of a head of the block of cylinders, an oil filter and the oil pallet. Keep in mind that very weak leaks from under laying which develops throughout a wide interval of time and that only traces of considerable dribbles are subject to detection are allowed. At detection of leaks replace the corresponding laying or an epiploon.
2. Check also reliability and a condition of fastening of all pipelines and hoses of the engine. Be convinced of reliability of fastening of conducting, available all collars, brackets and arms. Breakage or loss of collars of fastening of hoses and tubes leads to their mastication and to serious breakages in the future. Wire collars are recommended to be replaced tape with screws.
3. Carefully check a condition of hoses of a heater, especially near exhaust pipes, if necessary fix hoses by a binding or insulate thermal insulation.
4. At detection of swellings, cracks or mechanical damages replace hoses. Cracks on a hose are better visible at its bending.
5. Operation of the car before elimination of the found faulty hose is forbidden.