85425ea0 Replacement of the fuel filtering element


1. Carefully clear the filtering element and the top branch pipe of the filter, paying special attention to the place of their socket.
2. Merge fuel from the filter, having turned off a ventilating cap and a drain stopper. Put a ventilating cap into place and tighten it the required moment.
3. Unscrew the filter by means of a key for an oil filter. Be convinced of lack of the sealing rings which remained under the top branch pipe.
4. Arrange an internal sealing ring (A) from a set of the new filter around the central opening and record the feedwell B (With – an external ring).
5. Moisten an external sealing ring with fuel, establish in the top branch pipe and tighten by hand (according to the instruction of the manufacturer). Tighten a drain stopper.
6. Start the engine and establish the accelerated idling turns. Check existence of a leak, if necessary tighten all connections.