85425ea0 Each 7 500 km

The car has to be on the flat platform, the engine has to be heated-up.

Oil discharge

1. Turn off a stopper of a maslozalivny mouth. Substitute the pallet, clear and turn off a drain stopper, merge oil.
2. Oil has to merge not less than 15 min. Check a stopper sealant, if necessary replace it.
3. Clear and tighten a drain stopper the required moment. Before filling with oil execute the following.

Replacement of an oil filter

1. Install a container under an oil filter. By means of a special key release an oil filter (it is possible to drill openings and to unscrew the filter the inserted screw-driver) then unscrew it hands. Immediately incline the filter and merge oil in a container.
2. Carefully wipe with pure rags the place of a prileganiye of the filter on the engine.
3. Slightly oil a sealing ring of the new filter for the engine and wrap the filter into place. Tighten the filter by hand, having turned on 2/3 turns after contact of a ring of the filter with the condensed surface.

Filling with oil

1. At first fill in oil to the mark MIN in the probe.
2. Start the engine. The control lamp of pressure of oil has to go out several seconds later in process of filling of channels with oil. It is forbidden to increase engine turns during this period.
3. On the working engine check tightness of a stopper of the oil pallet and a sealing ring of an oil filter, having tracked these places within several minutes, if necessary tighten. Stop the engine and again check existence of dribbles.
4. Wait several minutes that oil flew down in the pallet, and again check oil level. After filling of all channels and the filter the level of oil can go down. If necessary add oil to the mark "MAH". Oil volume in the filter about 0,5 l.