10.1.8. Removal and installation of the drive of a speedometer


1. Unscrew a lock ring with a nakatka and disconnect a speedometer drive cable from the transmission.
2. Unscrew bolts and remove the plate fixing the speedometer drive from a transmission case.
3. Take speedometer drive knot from the transmission.
4. Take the speedometer drive from the case and remove a sealing ring of round section and laying.


1. Establish new laying and a new sealing ring in a case flute.
2. Apply a butter layer on laying and a sealing ring and install the speedometer drive in the case.
3. Install speedometer drive knot in the transmission, at the same time check that there was the correct gearing of the drive of a speedometer.
4. Establish a plate of fastening of the drive of a speedometer and fix it by bolts.
5. Connect a speedometer drive cable.