10.1.2. Replacement of oil in the transmission

Periodic replacement of oil is not provided in the transmission therefore there is no drain stopper.

1. If it is necessary to merge oil from the transmission, uncover differential as follows.
2. Working under the car, purify dirt in the field of a differential cover.
3. Install a suitable container under a differential cover, then weaken and unscrew bolts of fastening of a cover and merge oil in a container.
4. Uncover also laying.
5. After running off of oil clear of dirt and oils, the interfaced surfaces of a cover and the transmission.
6. Establish new laying on a cover and install a cover on the transmission.
7. Gradually and consistently tighten bolts of fastening of a cover the required moment.
8. Fill in in the transmission the required amount of oil through an opening of ventilation / filling and check oil level.