4.5.8. Removal and installation of the camshaft


1. Removal of the case of the camshaft is described in the section on removal of a head of the block of cylinders. After you removed the case, remove a camshaft pulley.
2. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of a persistent plate of the camshaft.
3. Remove a persistent plate of a shaft.
4. Take the camshaft from the case.
5. Examine the camshaft and its case.


1. Grease necks of bearings of the camshaft and bearings with pure engine oil.
2. Establish a new sealing ring of the camshaft.
3. Insert the camshaft into the case, establish a persistent plate and fix it by bolts. Measure a camshaft side play, if necessary replace a persistent plate.
4. Screw in a bolt of fastening of a pulley of the camshaft.
5. Install the camshaft in situation corresponding to the top dead point of the piston of the first cylinder.
6. Install the camshaft case.
7. Start the engine and let's it work in the following mode:
      – 1 minute – 2000 rpm;
      – 1 minute – 1500 rpm;
      – 1 minute – 3000 rpm;
      – 1 minute – 2000 rpm.
8. If you installed the new camshaft, replace engine oil through 1000 km of a run.