4.5.18. Removal of the engine

1. Lift and fix a forward part of the car.
2. Remove a cowl.
3. Remove the accumulator.
4. Merge cooling liquid.
5. Remove the top and lower hoses of a radiator and hoses of a heater and a broad tank.
6. Remove the air filter and an airintaking branch pipe.
7. Disconnect all wires from the engine and its elements:
      – switch of a control lamp of pressure of oil;
      – generator;
      – sensor of temperature of cooling liquid;
      – fuel pump;
      – electric tire of candles of an incandescence;
      – fan of a radiator and thermoswitch.
8. Remove a radiator and the fan of a radiator.
9. Disconnect tubes of giving and return of fuel from the fuel pump.
10. Disconnect an accelerator cable from the fuel pump.
11. Take off a generator belt.
12. Remove the pump of system of the amplifier of steering and fix the pump aside, without disconnecting from it hoses.
13. Disconnect a vacuum tube of the vacuum amplifier of brakes from the vacuum pump.
14. Remove a pulley of a bent shaft.
15. Remove the generator and the heat-insulating guard.
16. Remove the lower cover of coupling or the hydrotransformer.
17. On models with the automatic transmission unscrew the bolts connecting the hydrotransformer to a drive plate.
18. Install the piston of the first cylinder in VMT.
19. Remove a reception exhaust pipe.
20. Remove an oil filter.
21. Fix the engine on the elevator.
22. Establish a jack under the transmission and unscrew all bolts connecting the engine to the transmission.
23. Remove the right support of the engine.
24. Disconnect the engine from the transmission.

25. Lift the engine and take it from the car.