5.9.5. Removal and installation snuffled also lattices

Removal from the dashboard of a side nozzle with a loudspeaker lattice

The flat lattices located from two parties of the dashboard can close a loudspeaker also.

1. Side and central nozzles are removed after their pressing down. Casings snuffled fasten the screw and brackets which at removal will be broken (the screw of fastening of a casing of a side nozzle of ventilation is specified by an arrow).
2. A casing of the central nozzle of system of ventilation fasten two screws above and two below (the top screw of fastening is specified by an arrow). The lower screws also fix finishing of the radio receiver. In a casing of central snuffled hours which need to be disconnected at removal of a casing can be determined.
3. Removal of air lattices from outer side of the car can be made, using a screw-driver edge as the lever.
4. All removed elements are established by a simple zashchelkivaniye or fastening screws.