85425ea0 Replacement of transmission liquid in the automatic transmission

Before discharge of transmission liquid allow the transmission to cool down.

1. Unscrew all screws of fastening of the pallet of the transmission except for the screw which has to be unscrewed through several turns.
2. Separate the pallet from laying and as the end of the pallet is inclined down, merge liquid in a suitable container.
3. Unscrew the remained screw and remove the pallet. Remove laying of the pallet or remove all traces of sealant.
4. Release the fixing brackets and remove the filter with a sealing ring. Wash out the filter in solvent and dry up it. If the filter is hammered or damaged, replace it.
5. Install the filter with a new sealing ring of round section.
6. Check that the interfaced surfaces of the pallet and a case of the transmission pure and dry. Install the pallet with new laying or with the layer of sealant with a diameter of 5 mm applied on the interfaced surface of the oil pallet. The pallet which has to be installed with laying has intensifying edges, and the pallet installed on sealant has obvious ledges.
7. Fill in the required amount of transmission liquid in the transmission and check level.