85425ea0 A starter with preliminary gearing of gear wheels

The holder of brushes and a cover of a starter with preliminary gearing of gear wheels – models with the engine 17D and 17DR
1 – cap,
2 – screws,
3 – With-shaped washer,
4 – washers,
5 – sealing washers,
6 – cover,
7 – holder of brushes,
8 – bolts,
9 – washer


1. Remove the heat-shielding screen, a fixing arm and a wire of food.
Models with engines 16D and 16DA
2. Unscrew fixing nuts of a cover.
3. Unscrew fixing screws of the holder of brushes.
4. Uncover for receiving access to the holder of brushes.
5. Remove brushes and the holder of brushes.
Models with engines 17D and 17DR
6. Unscrew fixing screws and uncover.
7. Remove washers from an anchor shaft.
8. Unscrew two through bolts. Use two lock-nuts and a wrench for unscrewing of bolts.
9. Uncover and disconnect a positive wire from the traction relay.
10. Remove the holder of brushes.

Replacement of brushes

1. Clear and examine brushes.
2. Replace brushes if they are worn-out more admissible limit.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.