10.2.2. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of the kick-down device

Elements of fastening of a cable of compulsory inclusion of a low gear (kick-down) on the carburetor

And – fastening of a cover of a cable,

In – the spherical hinge of a cable

Removal and installation

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Disconnect a cable of compulsory inclusion of a low gear from the carburetor for what take a bracket, the fixing cable cover to an arm and using the lever, remove a cable from the spherical hinge of the lever of the carburetor.
3. From the transmission unscrew tightening a bolt from the cable cover plug, move the plug up and disconnect a cable.
4. Take the mechanism of adjustment of a tension of a cable from an arm for what press the blocking ledges.
5. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
6. Then adjust a cable.


1. Check that the cable of an accelerator has insignificant sagging at the released accelerator pedal.
2. If necessary adjust a cable, rotating the persistent screw of a pedal of an accelerator.
3. Ask the assistant to press slowly an accelerator pedal to a contact of its mechanism of compulsory inclusion of a low gear. In this situation the butterfly valve of the carburetor has to be completely open.
4. If necessary adjust the end of a cable on the carburetor.
5. Ask the assistant to press an accelerator pedal against the stop. In the presence of the correct adjustment, the ratchet of the self-regulating mechanism has to publish clicks.
6. Further adjustment of a cable is not required.
7. Release a pedal of an accelerator and install the air filter.