10.2.1. Technical characteristic

With three transfers of the forward course and transfer of a backing. With the Hydromatic General Motors hydrotransformer and chain torque transmission.
125 THM

Tightening moments

Bolts of fastening of the oil pallet
16 Nanometer
Connections of hoses of the cooling system to the transmission
38 Nanometer
Pipe arm
24 Nanometer
Arm of a cable of compulsory inclusion of a low gear
10 Nanometer
The hydrotransformer to the engine
75 Nanometer
The selector lever to a shaft
27 Nanometer
Bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer to a drive plate:
  – models of 1,3 l
65 Nanometer
  – other models
60 Nanometer
Cooling system hose to the heat exchanger
22 Nanometer
Bolts of fastening of an arm to the transmission
22 Nanometer
Assembly bolts to a frame
40 Nanometer