9.3. Removal and installation of a pedal of coupling

1. Measure length of a carving tip of a cable of coupling acting from the squeezing lever in a motor compartment. This size needs to be used for ensuring the correct installation of a cable of coupling.
2. Remove the bracket fixing a carving tip of a cable of coupling to the squeezing lever and remove a carving tip from the lever. For simplification of removal move the lever to the engine.
3. In interior of the car remove the lower panel of finishing in deepening for the driver's legs.
4. On the right side of an axis of a pedal of coupling remove the fixing bracket, then unscrew a nut of fastening of a pedal and remove a washer.
5. Take a coupling pedal axis from an arm, then lower a pedal and a returnable spring down.
6. Note an arrangement of washers and laying on a coupling pedal axis for their repeated installation on the places.
7. Disconnect a coupling cable from a coupling pedal, release a returnable spring and take a pedal of coupling and a returnable spring from the car.
8. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
9. Before installation grease an axis of a pedal of coupling with lubricant on the basis of a molybdenum disulfide.
10. If necessary adjust a coupling cable.