6.4.10. Adjustment of the fuel pump

Pumps Bosch and Lucas/CAV
1. Operation of adjustment is similar described in subsection behind that exception that adjusting marks are located a pulley of the fuel pump and an internal casing of a gear belt, and also on a flywheel (in the drawing – adjusting marks in a flywheel (engine 17D).
2. Make sure that the mark in a pulley is combined with a mark in an internal casing (marks are specified by shooters).
Pump Lucas/CAV
3. Operation of adjustment is also similar described in subsection with that difference that the adjusting opening is located on the top party of the pump. Therefore for carrying out measurements it is necessary to use a pin with a diameter of 7,0 mm.
4. You carry out adjustment of the fuel pump with use of a pin and the indicator of hour type (and – an adjusting ledge, x – adjusting distance (it is specified on the plate of the pump), y – 95,5±0,01 mm, z – diameter of 7,0 mm).
5. Adjusting data are provided in the plate (it is specified by an arrow).