85425ea0 Removal of water from a settler of the fuel filter (diesels 16D and 16DA)

Over time in the fuel filter water which should be deleted periodically can accumulate.


1. Substitute a vessel under a drain stopper of the filter and release on 1 turn a ventilating cap in the top part of an arm of the filter.
2. Release on 1 turn a drain stopper (it is specified by an arrow) the fuel filter and merge water in a vessel.
3. When pure fuel begins to flow, tighten both caps and remove a vessel.
4. Utilize collected mix.


Ventilating cap in the top part of the warmed-up fuel filter on the diesel engine 16DA of late release

The ventilating cap is specified by an arrow.

Drain stopper and hose on the diesel engine 16DA of late release

And – a drain stopper,

In – a hose

As a rule, the operations procedure differs in nothing from not warmed up filter described above for. For periodic service of such filter it is expedient to remove it (the filter is mounted on a partition of a motor compartment) as access to the filter from below is complicated because of a thermal guard.